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THIA Smart Traveller Survey shows shift in attitude toward US travel

by Jo-Anne Liburd, posted on 7:52 AM, November 6, 2018
42 per cent of Canadians plan to travel within Canada with only 19 per cent heading to the U.S.

TORONTO, Nov. 5, 2018 /CNW/ - Despite recent reports that Canada-U.S. travel is alive and well, the times are changing according to the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THiA)'s 2018 Smart Travellers survey results. These results are also reflected in Statistics Canada data about declining travel to the U.S. by Canadians. The THIA survey reveals that the political climate and exchange rate appear to be motivating Canadians' interest in domestic travel.

When asked how the political climate impacts their desire to travel to the U.S., 57 per cent of Canadians claim they're less likely to book a trip south of the border. In fact, Canadians are turning to the Great White North as a 2019 vacation alternative with 42 per cent of Canadians choosing Canada as their next vacation destination.

"The U.S. has historically been Canada's largest travel destination," says THiA Executive Director, Will McAleer. "These results are consistent with Statistics Canada data showing a five-month decline in travel to the United States. Our survey shows that many Canadian travellers will be exploring travel options within our borders."

Other factors contributing to Canadians' cold shoulder include currency conversion. According to the survey, 59 per cent of Canadians are less likely to travel to the U.S. right now due to the exchange rate—making money a common travel concern.

On the topic of money, a shocking 19 per cent of Canadians admit to intentionally providing inaccurate information to a travel health insurance medical questionnaire, with 58 per cent of Canadians doing so in order to pay a lower rate, in an attempt to save a few dollars. However, it's important to include travel health insurance in every vacation budget to avoid unexpected surprises.

Whether travelling within Canada, the Caribbean or visiting our southern neighbours this winter, THiA recommends always following the golden rules of travel health insurance before you leave for your vacation:

  1. Understand your travel insurance policy – Insurance providers have staff available to answer any questions related to policies.
  2. Know your health and consult a health care provider if you have any questions.
  3. Know your trip - How long will you be gone? Are you a snowbird? Will you be travelling many times during the year? Do you plan to scuba dive? Find a policy that is specifically tailored to your trip.
  4. Know your rights - the Bill of Rights and Responsibilities will help provide all travelling Canadians with additional confidence in their travel insurance purchase knowing their company is supporting their rights as a consumer and making them aware of their responsibilities. 

About the Survey
The online survey, conducted in September 2018, polled 1,343 respondents, ranging from ages 18 to 60+ across Canada.

About the Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THiA)
Founded in 1998, the Travel Health Insurance Association (THiA) is the national organization representing travel insurers, brokers, underwriters, re-insurers, emergency assistance companies, air ambulance companies and allied services in the travel insurance field. THiA is the leading voice of the travel insurance industry in Canada and is engaged in public education and issues relating to regulatory affairs and member communications.

SOURCE Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada (THiA)