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Tips and Updates about Travel Health Insurance

Travel Insurance Claim Examples for Travelling Canadians
by Kristina van der Wal, Travelance
posted on 12:23 PM, February 2, 2024
In this first of two articles, THIA member company Travelance shares some of its recent travel insurance claims to demonstrate the value of travel insurance and some situations that can void your insurance claim.
Cold Facts about Medical Insurance when Travelling in Canada
by Ian Callaway
posted on 7:15 AM, January 12, 2024
Canadians make an average of 21.14 million monthly trips within Canada for various purposes and durations. * The 38% of intraprovincial/territorial Canadian travellers are known as “Staycationers.”...
Why Emergency Medical Coverage is So Important
by Marsha Mowers, TravelPulse Canada
posted on 10:46 AM, November 27, 2023
Travel insurance often includes various benefits that can help bring a traveller home in a medical emergency, including logistical arrangements for assessing and facilitating treatment, coordination with local hospitals and the medical evacuation and repatriation process.
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