Meet Warren Brown
Journeying Media

What’s your travel dream and the first place you want to go when it is safe to do so?

I have been dreaming of going to New Zealand for more than a decade but whenever a plan begins to form, it’s a near miss. I once had a special opportunity to travel for an extended period and then Christchurch was struck by a massive earthquake that rattled my confidence. Funnily
enough, November 2020 had been the next working plan….

What will you do as soon as you arrive?images/Warren Brown Dream On

I’d love to do a wine course. New Zealand has a very successful wine industry and this could be an opportunity to travel to various regions, take the time to learn more about wine and the pairing of it. Which is of course also an opportunity to explore food.

What's one thing that people would be surprised to know about you?

I recently started a villa booking agency offering luxury properties in my home-country and it’s called Signature Jamaican Villas. It has been a great experience stepping into some of the most amazing vacation villas on the island, not just for their setting but also meeting the staff and getting to experience a more personalized holiday experience. It’s also a great opportunity to offer travel insurance to clients to ensure that they have the right coverage.

What is your favorite thing about the travel insurance industry?

The reassurance and trust that there are experts to call for help. With so much uncertainty in navigating an emergency, whether it’s for your own support or that of a loved one, there’s someone there that is not only available to help, but that they are trained to do so.

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